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Crypto Coffins Mod

Author of the Crypto Coffins Mod: LTS

Adds a new type of grave, the Crypto Coffin, that preserves any corpse interred within it. For those who need a place to store the remains of their favorite pawn while waiting to find a resurrector serum or those who simply want a final resting place for their colonists that’s a little more advanced than a stone box.


Q: Crypto? Don’t you mean cryo?
A: A cryptobiotic state is one in which all all metabolic procedures stop. This is a natural ability of various real organisms, such as Brine Shrimp, Tardigrades and most plant seeds, and is what the cryptosleep casket does to preserve it’s occupant. In the case of the cryptocoffin, it suspends the metabolic processes required for decomposition, such as those of bacteria.

Supports Chinese, courtesy of 璃玎鼠尾草 ~ 13岁天才美少女
Supports Russian, courtesy of dmansager

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