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Crimson – Archotech Stick Mod

Author of the Crimson – Archotech Stick Mod: Nikolas Makarov

Inspired by this mod!

Once upon a time, in a world where cavemen roamed and dinosaurs were neighbors, there existed a lone, mysterious cave. Deep within its murky depths lay the coveted Persona Core, a relic of unimaginable power left behind by a civilization eons ahead of its time.

Enter Grok, the bumbling caveman with a penchant for poking things with sticks. One fateful day, Grok stumbled upon the cavern with a Persona Core inside. Equipped with little more than a hearty appetite for adventure and a trusty stick, Grok eyed the shiny orb with awe and wonder. In a moment of pure genius (or perhaps sheer folly), Grok decided that his stick needed an upgrade.

And thus, behold! The Archotech Stick (or rod) was born. With a swift whack of his trusty stick, Grok transformed the once-mighty Persona Core into a humble weapon of mass confusion…?

nemies are left scratching their heads (or whatever the equivalent is for a T-Rex) in bewilderment as Grok wields his newfound invention with reckless abandon.

Sure, it may not boast the flashiest of designs or the deadliest of capabilities, but who needs fancy gadgets when you’ve got a stick infused with the very essence of ancient marvels? So, whether you’re battling thrumbos or just trying to impress your fellow cave dwellers, look no further than the Archotech Stick – because sometimes, all you need is a little bit of ancient mojo and a whole lot of caveman creativity!

Crimson – Archotech Stick Mod features

Q: Can I add this mod mid save?
A: Absolutely, you can!

Q: Can I remove this mod mid save?
A: You can. 🙁

This mod is totally balance and tested by my colonist as Grok’s subject…

All other visual assets, including textures, models, and any other graphical elements, are the intellectual property of © 2024 Crimson Corps. and are protected under copyright law. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of these assets is strictly prohibited.

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