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Author of the Crash Landing Mod: Katavrik

The Crash Landing mod changes the game start. It adds a new event that drops different spaceship parts on the landing site from the sky. Pods with colonists, containers with resources, engines with flammable fuel and other useful and dangerous things. This event triggers at the start of the game, so your arrival will be much more similar to the movie Crash Landing. With the fire, explosions, dead and wounded people will spawn.

You will need to organize the rescue of wounded colonists and supplies, but the fire will be your main enemy. It will start as small fires on the impact tiles, but quickly grow in major fire. Beat the small fires or evacuate supplies. Watch out for other dangers.

This mod tries to add a new gameplay where you need to choose between resources and wounded peoples. And it may also be between wounded and maimed.

Scenarios included with the Crash Landing Mod

The Crash Landing Mod includes two scenarios: Easy Crash Landing and Hard Crash Landing:

  • Easy Crash Landing: you start with 3 healthy colonists and standard equipment. Other random colonists will be crash-landing hard with little chance of surviving the impact.
  • Hard Crash Landing: your starting colonists and equipment will crash-land and take severe damage. Then some more random colonists will be crash-landing hard with little chance of surviving the impact.
It is recommended to start a new game using one of these two Crash Landing scenarios. Otherwise you will have no crash-landing, only random ship crashes as minor events.

If you create a new scenario by editing the original Crash Landing scenarios, it will have crash-landing event at the start. That means you can add various scenario parts through in-game editor without breaking Crash Landing.

Compatibility notes

The Crash Landing mod should be compatible with all other mods with a few exceptions. Sometimes modded items don’t appear properly in cargo containers.

The Prepare Carefully mod does not work with the Hard Crash Landing Scenario but it does work with the Easy one.

Important uninstall issue
Since you can create your own scenario by editing one of the crash-landing scenarios, you will have to delete all such scenarios manually before uninstalling the Crash Landing Mod. Otherwise the game fails to start any new game.
This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.


Version: 1.4

This mod is not updated to RimWorld V1.4

Older versions 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3

Crash Landing Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • Fun


The Crash Landing Mod certainly gives RimWorld the beginning it deserves. You won’t just have to read about the story of a crash landing, you will get to LIVE one.

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