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Crafting Quality Rebalanced Mod

Author of the Crafting Quality Rebalanced Mod: Phomor

The Crafting Quality Rebalanced Mod rebalances item crafting quality. For example, a skill 20 crafter will not have the chance to make an awful item anymore.

Crafting Quality Rebalanced Mod Features

  • A skill 9+ pawn will make at least a poor item.
  • A skill 13+ pawn will make at least a normal item.
  • A skill 17+ pawn will make at least a good item.

Affects everything where quality is decided by skill, so smithing, tailoring, construction, art…

You can adjust the skill thresholds in the mod settings menu, now with an option for every quality, excellent and masterwork are disabled by default.

Legendary is now a chance instead of a guarantee, if you want a guarantee just set it to 100%.

I did not change the probabilities of other qualities, just removed the possibilitiy to make a bad quality thing for high skill colonists.

Compatibility notes

Incompatible with the “Perfectionist” trait from Vanilla Traits Expanded, with that a pawn won’t make legendary items. Other than that compatible with almost every mod, I’ve only found Static Quality Plus B18 to be incompatible, and when you use these two mods together, mine just will not work. Other than that there could be conflicts if some mod changes the function that gives a random quality item based on a given skill.

Modpackers may use it but have to link to this site, the post in the Ludeon forum or to the mod on Nexusmods. Derivates are allowed.

Additional Credits:
This mod uses Harmony by Andreas Pardeike.
Thanks to Proxyer for the japanese translation.
Thanks to 53N4 for the spanish translation.
Thanks to pepezilla for the french translation.
Thanks to HawnHan for the chinese translation.

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