Complex Jobs Mod

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Author of the Complex Jobs Mod: FrozenSnowFox

The original work priorities leave much to be desired when it comes to prioritizing jobs. The Complex Jobs Mod breaks down existing jobs into smaller jobs allowing you to make things run smoother and more efficiently.

Complex Jobs Mod features

Here’s a list of the new jobs you can assign people to:

  • Surgeon. Operating on humans, animals and taking patients to beds for operations.
  • Rearm. Rearm traps that have been triggered.
  • Refuel. Refuel buildings/objects that run off fuel sources like wood or chemfuel.
  • Train. Tame wild animals and train domesticated animals.
  • Butcher. Do bills at the butcher table.
  • Brew. Turn hops into wort, fill and empty fermenting barrels.
  • Repair. Repair breakdowns and damaged objects/structures.
  • Deconstruct. Remove roofs, deconstruct buildings/objects, uninstall things and remove floors.
  • Drill. Operate deep drills.
  • Drugs. Do bills at the drug lab.
  • Components. Do bills at the component assembly bench.
  • Refine. Do bills at the refinery
  • Load. Load transport pods and load/unload caravans.
  • Cremate. Do bills at the crematorium and burn apparel/drugs at campfires.

Compatibility notes

The Complex Jobs Mod should be loaded last in your load order. It should be compatible with other mods providing they don’t reconfigure jobs like this one does. It should work fine with Fluffy’s Work Tab, though.

It is also compatible with Dubs Rimkit Repair Kit (it’s considered a Repair job) and Combat Extended‘s Rearm Turrets (considered a Rearm job).

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Assign jobs automatically!

With the Colony Manager Mod you can let your colonists assign jobs automatically depending on the amount of supplies stored in your colony.

Check it out!

Complex Jobs Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • User Interface


It’s very useful to use the Complex Jobs Mod to assign jobs such as surgery exclusively to your most skilled pawns. It will make a rather big work tab though, so it’s a little annoying on small monitors.

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