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Compact Work Tab Mod

Author of the Compact Work Tab Mod: CaptainArbitrary

If you have a smaller screen or mods that add a lot of work types (like my own Many Jobs for instance) you may have encountered the heartbreak of the unreadable Work tab.

This mod is very simple. It rotates the column headers by 60° to make a crowded Work tab more usable.

Also included is the option to have vertically oriented column headers, for those who prefer an even more compact Work tab.

And as a bonus feature, free gratis, the mod enables scroll-wheel support for incrementing or decrementing work priorities. Just put your cursor over a priority box and scroll up or down. If manual priorities are disabled, scrolling will toggle the work type for the selected pawn. If manual priorities are on, scrolling up will raise the work type’s priority, and scrolling down will lower it.

All mod settings can be changed via RimWorld’s mod options menu.

Compatibility notes

The Compact Work Tab Mod has been tested and found to be nicely compatible with Numbers, Priority Master and Grouped Pawns Lists. It’s technically also compatible with Fluffy’s Work Tab (from which this mod took inspiration), but if you run them both at the same time Fluffy’s mod will override the functionality of this one, so I recommend you don’t do that.

Mods that add new work types to the game are fully compatible with Compact Work Tab.


Thanks to Fluffy whose Work Tab mod inspired this one, and special thanks to Krypt who taught me a workaround for an annoying text-rotation bug.

Portions of the materials used to create this mod are trademarks and/or copyrighted works of Ludeon Studios Inc. All rights reserved by Ludeon. This content/mod is not official and is not endorsed by Ludeon.

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Version 1.5
Compact Work Tab Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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