RimWorld Mods

Common Sense Mod

Author of the Common Sense Mod: Avil

The Common Sense Mod adds a series of tweaks that make pawns behave with common sense!

Common Sense Mod features

  • (optional) pawns are encouraged to fulfill their need of outdoors by seeking recreation outdoors;
  • (optional) pawns are encouraged to take account of potential mood in drug policies;
  • (optional) pawns do not stack food with “bad” ingredients (ex. human meat or insect meat) with normal ones;
  • (optional) as an option, odd (ex. insect, i.e. low impact) meat can count as normal one;
  • (optional) pawns are encouraged to clean rooms where they’re about to operate a building (ex. researching, cooking/crafting, or just going to sleep);
  • (optional) pawns may clean rooms between “hauling ingredients to crafting spot” and “crafting”;
  • (optional) pawns may pick up all necessary ingredients to their hauling inventory before delivering them to the crafting place;
  • (optional) pawn can be encouraged to prioritize ingredients, materials (including corpses) and meals that are quicker to spoil;
  • (optional) pawns are encouraged to clean after tending to a patient;
  • (optional) pawns are discouraged to clear an area from snow when it’s snowing or raining;
  • (optional) when pawns are about to work on a bill, they’ll prefer hauling a whole stack of ingredients to a stockpile if possible, instead of cherry picking a fraction that’s required for crafting;
  • (optional) pawns will stop taking more sweets than they can eat;
  • (optional) pawns will put items back to inventory if interrupted;
  • (optional) pawns will treat sleeping assignment as a recreation when they can’t sleep. Pawns will not prefer recreational activities after topping it off until it’s down to at least 80%. Pawns also will try to take spare meals during this time. Dubs hygiene activities also was re-prioritized;
  • (optional) you may enable a GUI tweak to display the whole list of ingredients on a recipe screen instead of vague “ingredients”;
  • (optional, disabled by default) add random ingredients to non-crafted meals. Only neutral ingredients are used;

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