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Challenge Accepted! Mod

Author of the Challenge Accepted! Mod: Under-A

The Challenge Accepted! Mod adds a new challenge concept to RimWorld. A challenge is a condition in the game that you have to complete. Por example: “Kill 100 animals” or “Create a masterpiece sculpture”. These challenges are not meant to be easy, and you are rewarded for completing them.

Challenge Accepted! Mod features

Incoming Challenge Message

If you don’t have any active challenges, you might receive an incoming radio message from one of the factions around. You can accept or reject it.

Challenge Bringer

Each traveler group that passes by your colony will have a person with an asterisk pulsing, which is a challenge giver sign. Talk to the challenge giver if you want to change your current challenge.

Challenges Overview Tab

You will find a new tab added by this mod at the bottom horizontal menu which is called “Challenges”. Click on it to open the challenge window, where you can se possible challenges and their status.


Version 1.4
Challenge Accepted! Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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