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CerebroCraft Labs Mod: Passive Research & More!

Author of the CerebroCraft Labs Mod: Passive Research & More!: BabyLettuce

RimWorld is easily one of the most excellent games out there. I think we can all agree on that. But sometimes one of the best things about it is how much space vanilla to fill.

The additions in the CerebroTech mods aim to fill the niche of passively boosting your colony using otherwise unused resources or unimplemented ideas: corpses, the pawn’s “brain” (which infamously does not have a removeable item counterpart), the time spent researching that could be spent elsewhere… the list goes on.

CerebroCraft Labs Mod features

Currently, CerebroTech adds the Brain Matter Reassembler, a powerful tool that allows pawns to use fresh, intact corpses, to generate research points based on the corpses intellectual skill and brain health. After all, a dumb pawn with a bullet-hole through their brain is no use! You will need a Brain Matter Nutrition System and a Multi-analyzer connected if you want to get to the sweeter research projects, though!

It also adds the Brain Transfuser and the Research tab, which allow for powerful boosts to consciousness and passive research, respectively. But beware of being too greedy for too much of the luxury they afford! Once crafted at the machining table these can be installed/used through the operation bills in a pawn’s medical tab.

I will continue adding more and more features in this theme of making unused spaces of the game more engaging and valuable so long as I have the time, energy, and interest. Just leaving reviews and subscribing helps a lot in all those domains!

I have been actively adding features to this mod and scouring through the code for bugs that either I find or you report. But you are a huge part of my success. Report those bugs! Let me know what you want!

ROADMAP (in no particular order):

  • Custom menu for BMR to determine which corpses can be used as fuel DONE
  • Ability to use live pawns to generate research Added the Research Tap
  • Creation of a physically removable brain
  • ]Equipment/implants that allow pawns to gain bonuses by using extracted brains Brain Transfuser added, and more to come!
  • Late game research building that can take AI persona cores and does not require brains to function
  • Interesting traits and events
  • CereboCraft-themed arsenal and faction
  • Any recommendations/ideas that you all come up with

Don’t feel pressured at all, but if you want to donate and help me create more mods and pay off school debt, see the link below!

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