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Centralized Climate Control Mod

Author of the Centralized Climate Control Mod: coldtoadcoldtoad

The Centralized Climate Control mod allows you to create a centralized air cooling/heating. You will be able to build Large Piped Air Climate Systems away from your buildings.

Centralized Climate Control features

This mod adds a new network-like resource (like electricity): Air. The heating/cooling system you will build depends on the number of rooms and the heating/cooling capacity of your air networks.

There are 3 colored pipes available. All can carry any type of air.

The following buildings are added into the game:

Air climate Unit

Responsible for changing the temperature of the air in a Pipe Network. It has the capacity of holding 3 regular Intake Fans. Beyond that the thermal efficiency is reduced below 100%.

Air Intake Fans

They take in outside air (average temperature of each outside cell highlighted), defining the intake temperature of the system. They have capacity to hold 3 Vents. More vents will reduce the Flow Efficiency below 100%.

Air Vents

Air Vents take the final temperature of the Pipe System and dump it into the room/environment.

Wall-mounted Air Vents

Same as the Regular Vents but they don’t occupy a full wall space (useful for forts and defenses).

Large Air Climate Unit

x5 times more power than the Regular Unit.

Large Air Intake Fans

x5 times more power than the Regular Unit.

Features that make this mod unique:

  • Unified Heating/Cooling System: Heating and Cooling is done by 1 unit, so reduces the need to build coolers and heaters.
  • Outside (and far away) Heat Exhaust: The Heat Exhaust of the Climate Control units isn’t located adjacent to rooms. They are located far away from your rooms, thus allowing you to make adjacent rooms to fridge rooms.
  • Can share air without Climate Control units: Intakes take note of the Air Temperature they take in. We can practically make Climate Control-less networks that share the same temperature. For example: Multiple Fridges can be connected together, but only 1 is getting the cooling. The rest just share the air.
  • Bigger buildings for late game: Build larger Intakes and Climate Units which have about 5x more power than a regular machine.
  • Air Network: There is a network-like resource (like electricity) which is generated and consumed which is further dictated by Efficiency of the Network. There is a network-like resource (like electricity) which is generated and consumed which is further dictated by Efficiency of the Network. You can always check the efficiency of each network at the Vents.
    1. Flow Efficiency. The rate at which your rooms will cool/heat or maintain heat due to changes in the room temps. Value: 1 Intake Fan for 3 Rooms (for 100% Efficiency)
    2. Thermal Efficiency. The rate at which your Climate Control units can heat the air. Sudden changes like Cold Snaps or Heat wave will inject very cold or very hot air into your system. Climate Control Units will take care that, but their rate is determined by this Efficiency unit. Value: 1 Climate Control Unit for 3 Intake Fan (for 100% Efficiency)
  • Air Temperature inside Pipes: This mod also deals with the temperature of the air in the Pipe Network.

Guide on how to make a Pipe System with the Centralized Climate Control Mod

Compatibility notes

  • There are known compatibility issues with the Redist.Heat Mod.
  • The Heating exhaust of Climate Control needs some adjustment.
  • Reinstall doesn’t work properly (Install and Uninstall works fine).

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