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CaveworldFlora Mod

Authors of the CaveworldFlora Mod: Rikiki, Mlie

Are you tired of those void caves? Have you ever wanted to crash on a caveworld? The CaveworldFlora Mod adds new plants that can be found inside caves.

CaveworldFlora Mod features

Four new kinds of cave plant that will enliven your dark caves. Each plant can be harvested once mature.

  • Shimmershroom: nutritious and good as raw meal.
  • Glowbulb: nutritious but very bad as raw meal. It’s better cooked.
  • Gleamcap: natural healing properties (can be used like herbal medicine). Mind the funny effect on nearby colonists during eclipses…
  • Brighbells: not edible, lights up a wide area. Brightbells can be planted in decorative pots for a nice looking natural lightning.

Compatibility notes

The CaveworldFlora Mod is not compatible with existing saves, unless you edit the save file manually. You will find instructions on how to do so in a text file named “How to add CaveworldFlora to an existing savegame.txt” which is bundled with the mod inside the “About” folder (direct download only).

Additional credits: original idea by Igabod, art by Shinzy and support from Haplo.

Original Ludeon Forums thread.

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