Carousel Mod

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Author of the Carousel Mod: zetrith

The Carousel Mod adds camera rotation.

Carousel Mod features

Default rotation key (changeable in the options): Numpad Enter

Limitations/won’t fix:

  • Pawns not moving straight toward or away from the camera have only right- and left-facing textures available
  • Many things have only one side-texture so they fake rotation using reflection (e.g. research benches)
  • Square things with only one texture always face the camera (e.g. items, steeles, sculptures)
  • Some non-square objects have only a single texture so they can look quite odd
    • In vanilla those are: shuttles, condition causers (e.g. sun blocker) and crashed ship parts (e.g. defoliator)

Current issues:
– Pawn shadows are sometimes wrongly placed
– Motes (Zzzs etc.) and some other objects don’t rotate properly
– Water animation disappears at some angles

The mod is purely cosmetic and safe to add and remove.


This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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