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Caravan Formation Improvements Mod

Author of the Caravan Formation Improvements Mod: Kopp

A few features that should help forming/managing a caravan.

Caravan Formation Improvements Mod features

  • Change the caravan formation spot: Essential if your caravan needs to load stuff from stockpiles that are not close to each other. Let them load stuff at a spot, then switch the spot.
    This can be done either while being in the “form caravan” dialog (new button “set a spot” at the bottom, next to “send”) or per gizmo.
  • Select a exit spot: Sometimes you may want your caravan to exit at a specific spot
    This can be done either while being in the “form caravan” dialog (new button “set a spot” at the bottom, next to “send”) or per gizmo.
  • Select a arrival spot: Select a spot for your caravan where it should enter the map.
    This can be done when you are on the world map and tell your caravan to enter a settlement/temporary map (the map needs to be created already). The dropdown menu will have a new option called “enter at specific spot”.
  • Pause the caravan formation: Helpful when the caravan can not safely exit the map or when your pawns need to get their mood improved before leaving.
    This can be done per gizmo.
  • Leave immediately: Mostly everything is loaded, but one unnecessary item on the other side of the map is missing. Your pawns are close to a mental break. Just tell them to leave now.
    This can be done per gizmo.
  • Rope on arrival: If set to true, animals will be roped on arrival if they would not otherwise. E.g. on a quest map, or if there is no pen on the map they arrive. Mod default is true.
    Mod setting.
  • Rope when caravan gets paused: If set to true, animals roped by a pawn are roped to the ground instead of running free when the caravan formation gets paused. Mod default is true.
    Mod setting.
  • Distance to next ropeable animal: When roping a animal, pawns check if in the radius of 10 cells there is another animal to rope. Mods default is 20 cells.
    Mod setting.
  • Maximal animals to rope at once: When gathering the caravan animals, pawns can collect 10 animals at once. You may want to increase that number. Mods default is vanilla.
    Mod setting.
  • Cancel caravan confirmation: If set to true, there will be a confirmation window if you click the vanilla gizmo “cancel forming caravan”. Mod default is true.
    Mod setting.
  • Dont add newborns to caravan: If set to true, animals that are born during caravan formation are not automatically added to the caravan which leads to all animals getting unroped.
    Mod setting.
  • Mod defines exit tile: If set to true, the mod defines on which side of the map the caravan will be spawned on the world map.
    If you are heading to the north, but set the exit spot for this caravan to be south, the caravan should be spawned south of your map on the world map.
    Mod setting.

Compatibility notes

Since I could not test/think of every situation I expect some bugs/malfunctions. Worst case scenario is that when leaving/entering a map the caravan pawns are removed from your save.
So please save the game the first few times before doing so to be safe! (or be ready to alt-f4 when using commitment mode)
I will remove this message as soon as I feel the mod is stable.


Performance should be absolutely no problem, since mostly all of the code runs only once when you use one of the gizmos or when a caravan leaves/arrives at a map.
I checked the impact using “Dubs Performance Analyzer”, but please tell me if you experience otherwise!


When the caravan includes downed pawns and you change the exit spot when they are already brought to the map edge, the downed pawns will be automatically removed from the caravan.

Roping on arrival: Animals are getting roped to the spot where they entered the map if there is no pen/hitching spot, but pawns assigned to handling will try to unrope them. So make a hitching spot or a pen before they do so, so the animals are brought there.

Not every gizmo can be used at all times. If you can not use them at the moment, they are disabled (greyed out).


Probably not compatible with mods that do the same/something similar.
I am only aware of “Caravan Journey Spot” by leeh and “Caravan Entry Spot” by Cocock which are doing something similar and are probably incompatible.
Tell me if you find something else.

Credits and Thanks to:
Ratzinger for beta testing and giving feedback.
Brrainz for Harmony.
Dubs for Dubs Performance Analyzer.
Marnador for the RimWorld font, used in the preview pictures and for the gizmos.
Tynan and Ludeon for RimWorld. Some of the textures/parts of the previews are modified versions of vanilla textures.



Version 1.5

Older versions:

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