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Caravan Activities Framework Mod

Authors of the Caravan Activities Framework Mod: Bambaryła, Temmie

Welcome to Caravan Activities Framework! It’s an easy to use XML-based framework that allows you to add Caravan Activities by adding simple XML objects. For adding new stuff, refer to existing activities as well as the FrameworkGuide.txt.

Caravan Activities Framework Mod features

  • You can define an activity for a caravan to be able to perform on the world map.
  • Each new activity adds a new gizmo.
  • Each activity can have many Options to choose from.
  • Options are risks and outcomes.
  • Activities can be limited to particular biomes; roads, rivers and base proximity – base proximity can be further limited by base-faction’s tech level.
  • Each activity incurs a cooldown on the tile it’s performed on, and it’s customizable.
  • Each of the Options can be limited to particular skill levels.
  • Each of the Options may or may not require specific items.
  • Each of the Options may specify items that boost the outcome.
  • Each of the Options has good and bad outcomes defined for it. Good outcome happens once at the end of activity. Bad outcomes are rolled every day of the activity.
  • Outcomes can include items, relationship changes, ideology changes, colonist injury or death, pollution change.

Activities defined by default are:

  • Offer help to a nearby faction base for goodwill and silver.
  • Steal resources from a nearby faction base, risking death and injury.
  • Chop down some trees for wood, risking injury and death.
  • Forage some plants.
  • Hunt some animals, risking injury and death.
  • Mine some resources, risking injury and death.
  • Convert faction to your ideology.
  • Clear pollution.

Compatibility notes

Vehicle Framework is compatible.

SRTS is not compatible (SRTS caravan won’t be able to perform activities).
Aerocraft Framework – I have no idea

Additional credits:
Idea and funding – Bambaryła
Implementation and bug fixes – Temmie


Version 1.5

Older versions:

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