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Cactaceae – Cactus Faction and Race Mod

Author of the Cactaceae – Cactus Faction and Race Mod: Hivermind

Cactaceae is a mod that adds a new race and some new recipes with the help of Humanoid Alien Races. The following assets are added into the game:

  • Cactoids: a tribal faction.
  • Cactoid Migration: a scenario with Cactoids.
  • Weapons:  Long Needle and Blowgun items craftable by Cactoids.
  • Furniture: decorative cactus plant.
  • Farm Crop: Gold Agave planted by Cactoids that survives harsh conditions.

Cactoid Background

The Cactoids are the result of an abandoned genetic engineering experiment aimed at combining cactaceae DNA into the human genome. The purpose: to create a workforce able to withstand drier conditions for longer durations. It was met with some success. Chloroplast added to skin was able to provide very limited energy generation through photosynthesis. The Cactoids were able to survive in more arid harsher environments. Spines in the skin helped defend against native fauna. A slower metabolism prolonged life expectancy, but also limited the speed energy could be expended.

Unfortunately, the lone scientist, sent to a remote rim planet to perform his experiments in isolation, died unexpectedly from a brain parasite. Due to a clerical error, the location and even the existence of the geneticist was forgotten.

The Cactoids, abandoned to the whims of fate, somehow managed to survive and form a tribal society. Distrustful of others, but generally placid, the Cactoid tribes tend to keep to themselves unless provoked.

Advantages of the Cactoid lifeform

  • More comfortable in extreme temperatures.
  • Slightly better unarmed melee damage.
  • They require slightly less food.
  • Greater health.
  • Fear of fire prohibits pyromania.
  • They enjoy growing things.

Disadvantages of the Cactoid lifeform

  • Slower movement speed.
  • Not as good at research.
  • More flammable than humans.
  • Often afraid to fight fire.

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