RimWorld Mods

Bunk Beds Mod

Authors of the Bunk Beds Mod: Taranchuk, Darknote

Expand your furniture collection with an all new, space-efficient pawn storing method, bunk beds! This innovative solution allows you to store up to 3 pawns in the same 2 tiles, saving a bunch of space in your base.

Bunk Beds Mod features

The mod comes with two versions of the bunk bed, one with 2 beds and one with 3.

The mod has two mod settings options:

  1. Bunk beds count as barracks.
  2. Occupants in bunk beds will have share bed mood debuff.

Both mod options are on by default.

Compatibility notes

Compatible with Hospitality mod.

Incompatible with: Prison Commons.

Recommended: Perspective: Buildings (By Owlchemist) to adjust sprite of beds when walls are built south of them.

Additional credits:
Taranchuk – C# programming
DetVisor – artwork
Darknote – commisioner for this mod

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