RimWorld Mods

Boats Mod

Authors of the Boats Mod: Smash Phil, Zaljerem

The Boats Mod adds boats to RimWorld!

Boats Mod features


  • Galleon – requires Smithing research, will eventually have turrets (cannons)
  • Caravel – requires Smithing research, will eventually have turrets (cannons)
  • Paddle Steamer – requires Machining research, large cargo capacity
  • Fishing Boat
  • Rowboat – seats 3 pawns

Please note: Currently you cannot create boat caravans on a river, only when in contact with the sea. I believe this is a limitation of the framework as I can duplicate the issue with Vanilla Vehicles Expanded boats.

Compatibility notes

THIS MOD IS HEAVILY WORK-IN-PROGRESS. There is more to be done but I wanted to get this out there. Boat stats and functionality are subject to change. Some pawn offsets and draw sizes may need to be adjusted. Turrets will be coming to some boats in a later update. All suggestions welcome. If you can’t be constructive and polite, though, expect me to treat you with the contempt you probably deserve. 😀

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