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Blooming hedges Mod

Author of the Blooming hedges Mod: Sovereign

Blooming Hedges adds 2 new types of walls to the game. The standard hedge, a staple in many a maze, or royal garden and a fantastic shield from prying eyes, as well as it’s more colourful, blooming variety.

For optimal colour-coordination the white blossoms on the blooming hedge are able to be painted over to suit that tastes of any member of manic royalty or Individuals with the most intricate ideological fashion.

Our hedges also come in a variety of different types, depending on the biome you have chosen to call your home.

With that we bid you to enjoy the hedges and ask you to keep decapitation-related labour-shortages to a minimum.

Blooming hedges Mod features

This mod adds two new types of walls in different variations to the architect menu.

Each wall is built from the “Structure” menu, requires 10 wood to be constructed and provides beauty to the surrounding area.
They are quite frail and are not recommended as any kind of fortification.

Outside of modded biomes there are variants for the anima tree, the gauranlen tree, arid climates, cold climates and even the waste-land for those who oh so love the smell of gasoline when deciding on a bouquet.

Compatibility notes

ReGrowth: Boiling – unlocks boiling hedge
Gulden Biome – unlocks gulden hedge
Royalty – unlocks anima hedge
ideology – unlocks gauranlen hedge
Biotech – unlocks wasteland hedge

Mods like Extended Color Palette Revised – Recommended for a more vibrant variety of colours

Additional credits:
Visandar made the art
Sovereign did the xml
DetVisor did nothing
SirVan is french and evil


Version 1.5
Blooming hedges Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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