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Blood Animations Mod

Author of the Blood Animations Mod: FuuChan

Extreme Violence Mod adds blood sprays, animated bleeding, ricochets, and impact debris for non-organic pawns and structures!

Extreme Violence Mod Features

Directional blood sprays

  • Triggered by direct damage, such as bullets, explosions, and damaging psycasts, and the blood amount scales based on the damage done.
  • Blood particles last ~10s (configurable in options) and will fade away on its own.
  • Some particles will leave blood filth behind (configurable in options), which behaves like vanilla blood filth requiring clean up.

Animated bleeding

Animated bleeding based on pawn bleed rate.


When bullets are deflected by body armor, or when hitting hard targets like mechanoids, ricochet animations may occur!

Impact Debris

When hitting inorganic pawns or structures, debris will fly out!
Impact debris follow similar rules to blood spray.


Inevitably, extra objects on the map has a cost, but these objects are relatively simple and do not last a long time, and how much and how long can be configured to the point where it has nearly 0% impact. So in the big scheme of things, the performance cost shouldn’t be noticeable and can be configured to match your needs.

Compatibility notes

Compatible with Vanilla Expanded Framework blood types, such as those used in Vanilla Races Expanded Mod and Alpha Genes Mod.

  • Adjustable performance impact (Blood multiplier, cleanable filth chance, and fade time can be configured to fit your performance needs).
  • Safe to add and remove mid-game.
  • Independent, isolated, and minimal in scope, with no modifications to vanilla behavior/code required: Should be compatible with nearly every mod, leaves no permanent changes to your saved game, and will not brick your game.
  • Confirmed compatible with Combat Extended Mod, Ragdoll Physics Mod, Melee Animations Mod, Yayo’s Animation Mod, Layered Wall Destruction Mod, Vanilla Expanded Mod series, Alpha series, Dubs series, and hundreds more.

Additional credits:
Credits to: felutiahime for the art sources used in the thumbnail and tanosii_chan for the upvote animation! Give them a visit!

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