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Blades n Guns! Mod

Author of the Blades n Guns! Mod: Mango the fruity PaladinMango the fruity Paladin

The best part of RimWorld is having a pawn with good stats on melee and shooting, but you can just have 1 main type of weapon. What are you goin’ to do then??? Welp, gentlemen, I have a answer for you. Behold guns with blades atached on it!

Blades n Guns! Mod features

New update!!

  • Added sword with a cannon.
  • Added lazer mortal.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Thanks to Shaunaputa for the bug fixing and to b_wb for the art <33


Version 1.4
Blades n Guns! Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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