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Biotech Mech Stuff Elongated – Mechanoid Upgrades V2 Mod

Author of the Biotech Mech Stuff Elongated – Mechanoid Upgrades V2 Mod: MrKociak

This mod adds two buildings that let the player install a variety of upgrades onto their mechanoids.

Biotech Mech Stuff Elongated – Mechanoid Upgrades V2 Mod features


  1. Build the upgrader [either the basic or large variant depending on which mechanoids you want to upgrade].
  2. Select the desired mode [standard being the default one].
  3. Deliver the necessary resources [done automatically by haulers].
  4. Select the mechanoid that you want to give the upgrade to [it will either enter on its own or get carried into it].
  5. Wait for the upgrade cycle to finish, the mechanoid will be released upon its completion.


  • The base upgrader only accepts light and medium class mechanoids, while the large one is for heavy and ultra-heavy classes.
  • Most upgrades can be improved further by putting a mechanoid through the same upgrade cycle repeatedly until its maximum level is reached.
  • Upgrade cycles that require the use of the large variant take twice as long.
  • There are a few toggleable options besides the mode selection.
  • When an upgraded mechanoid dies, it will drop a new kind of slag that can be smelted in order to recover roughly 60-75% of the materials used for the upgrade.
  • Loss of electricity halts the upgrade process.
  • Currently the upgrades might…wary in terms of balance, I’m open to suggestions on this one.

List of upgrades

Compatibility notes

  • Should be compatible with all modded mechanoids as long as they have a brain [that’s where the hediff goes] and they fit Biotech’s 4 weight classes. Ones not fitting the class requirement should in the worst-case scenario simply not be able to receive an upgrade.
  • No idea if it works with CE or not ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Haven’t tested it with *a lot* of other mods yet, let me know if any weird interactions or incompatibilities pop up.

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