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Biomes! Fossils Mod

Author of the Biomes! Fossils Mod: Draegon1993

Build your own museum with Biomes! Fossils. Display the remains of creatures long dead and other fossilized goodies! With this mod you can dig up and mine fossils and amber both big and small to put on display as art wherever your heart desires, and if a room has enough items from this mod, it will be considered a museum!

Museums are perfect for your pawns to enjoy as recreation. They’ll wander around, looking at the displays and information stands, and gain recreation fulfillment as they do so. Child pawns can learn from a museum quite well (and fairly fast) if it’s impressive enough, too.

This mod also adds a few fun things besides fossils as well, such as dioramas to put on display, and fun little dinosaur hats to sell to visitors if you have Hospitality: Storefront!

Biomes! Fossils Mod features

  • Fossils and amber ore and resources
  • Fossils and amber pieces to put on display, in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Museum display cases, perfect for showing off that psychic lance you’ll never use!
  • Infographic stands and museum lights
  • Gift shop style gear and plushies
  • A new type of learning for children

Compatibility notes

Any mods that add new artifacts should be able to have the items placed in display cases!

Future compatibility with Hospitality is planned. That way guests can show up and pay for the chance to visit your museum!

It’s not direct compatibility, but EGI: Holograms and Projectors has some cool dino-themed holograms that are perfect for a museum!


Q: Do I need Biomes! Core for this?
A: No, this mod only requires Harmony.

Q: Is it CE compatible?
A: Probably, as this mod has nothing to do with combat.

Q: Is it safe to add mid-game?
A: Yes, but the new ores will not generate on the map.

Q: Is it safe to remove mid-game?
A: No.

Q: Does this add any biomes?
A: No new biomes! It’s fossils, amber and museums.

Q: I’m having issues after an update, what do I do?
A: Follow these steps! https://discord.com/channels/143756496851697666/407350614805446659/1106842059849093180

Additional credits:

Mod director & artist: Draegon
Dendroid: Sounds & Music
Joseasoler: XML and C#
M00nlight: XML and C#
Zylle: XML and C#
Xeye: XML and C#
Sergkart: XML and C#
Fluffy: Art
Detvisor: Art
Elseud: Art
Pphhyy: Art
SirVan: Art
Austrinus: Art

Special thanks:

Jecrell: Many thanks to him for the amazing Biomes! word logo design.
Elseud for the new Biomes! preview images.
RangerRick for help with the discord.

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