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Biomes! Core Mod

Authors of the Biomes! Core Mod: Draegon1993, Zylleon, joseasoler, pyrce, Luizi

Biomes! Core provides the framework for the Biomes! mod series and is required for any Biomes! mods to work. Place this mod BEFORE any other Biomes! mods! This mod does and will contain the things that will be a feature across all the biomes. In addition, this mod contains core functionality available for use by other modders.

Biomes! Core Mod features

Incorporated into Biomes! Core is the Nocturnal Animals mod!

See our wiki to see the available functionality. Includes biome placement on the world map, custom terrain generation, aquatic plants and more! The wiki is still a work in progress, and some features may still be undocumented.

The intention of the mod series is to make the worlds of Rimworld more varied and interesting, This mod will add multiple new Biomes to the world along with the plants and animals to populate them.

We’re always recruiting! If you would like to join the team shoot one of us a message!


Additional credits:

  • Mod head: Draegon
  • Second in command: Odeum
  • Bendgeidfran: Sounds
  • Draegon: Art
  • Erin: Art
  • Evalynn: Art
  • Luizi: Art
  • Odeum: XML and C#
  • Pullmylever: Sounds
  • Pyrce: C#
  • Zylle: XML and C#

Special thanks:
Jecrell: Many thanks to him for the amazing Biomes! word logo design.
OskarPotocki for the new Biomes! Backgrounds!


Q: Are you recruiting?
A: We are always willing to take on more team members, although we currently need xml programmers more than anything else!

Q: Can I suggest something?
A: Sure thing, comment below!

Q: Does this mod work alongside other biome mods?
A: Yes.

Q: How do your biome mods compare to other biome mods?
A: Our biomes feature lots of new content with a vanilla-adjacent feel. We add beautiful, unique biomes unlike any other!

Q: I’m getting an error in Fluffy’s Mod Manager where it says something about needing Biomes! Core version 0.0.0, what do I do?
A: You either report it to that mod, or do nothing. It is safe to ignore.

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Version 1.5

Older versions:

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