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Biological Warfare Mod

Author of the Biological Warfare Mod: BlueEagle421

Biological Warfare Mod aims to introduce a whole new type of deadly arsenal: biological weapons. They can be used in both defensive and offensive strategies, providing balanced firepower. Everything is presented in vanilla-style graphics and described with original lore.

Biological Warfare Mod features

Biological Warfare Mod introduces two new machines, five buildings, over 30 new items, and three completely new production chains. It allows the player to turn sick colonists into weapons and a great advantage. Sickness will no longer be viewed as a negative event, but rather an opportunity to strengthen your colony.

I tried to make everything as balanced and vanilla friendly as possible. If you have some ideas how to improve that, please let me down in the comments.


Production chains

Samplable diseases

What about the balance?

Biological weapons have a large damage radius but a relatively long time to kill. Classical explosions have a small blast radius but kill everyone around it instantly in most cases. That’s why I believe the arsenal added by this mod is balanced and fair when compared to the vanilla game.


Q: Can enemies spawn with pathogen weapons?
A: Yes, but that is very uncommon.

Q: Will you add more pathogen weapons for diseases?
A: That is possible, yes.

Q: Why you can’t sample mechanite diseases like sensory mechniates for example?
A: By the lore they can’t be reproduced. I might consider adding something related with mechanites to this mod, but can’t promise it.

Q: Can I add it mid-play to an existing save?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I remove it mid-play?
A: I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you somehow manage to erase all the mod content from the save, it could work.

Q: Why do I need Vanilla Expanded Framework for it?
A: Biological Warfare operates on toxic gas system (OPToxic) from VEF.

Q: Is this mod part of Vanilla Expanded?
A: No, it’s not.

Q: When Luciferium Expansion for 1.5?!
A: Next week I hope!

Additional Credits:

All the graphics, XML and programming done by me – BlueEagle421 (Ushanka back in the days). I decided to use my old nick here, because it was used in all the other mods.

Special thanks goes to GreenFireSound for publishing free sound effects!

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