RimWorld Mods

Bill Doors’ MedEvac Mod

Author of the Bill Doors’ MedEvac Mod: 3HST有限公司

Rescue wounded pawns and prisoners with a flare signal, also comes with a bombardment flare.

Bill Doors’ MedEvac Mod features

The flares are acquired via quest reward or trader stock. They’re accessory equipments with 3 uses. After the flare is thrown, a medevac shuttle will pick up the most badly wounded player/prisoner pawn in the current map, tend him and deliver him to the most wealthy inhabited player base.

The shuttle will prioritize any wounded or downed pawn within 5 tiles from the flare, so that one can manually control which pawn to airlift home. Iif no wounded pawn is within proximity of the flare, for every pawn in current map and NOT in home zone, it’ll prioritize player pawn bleeding at over 500%, then any downed pawn regardless of injury, and lastly those with least overall HP and needs tending.

The not-in-home-zone limitation is done so that the shuttle will not try to pick up incapalized pawns in player’s hospital when it is used at home map. If you need to rescue someone inside home zone, throw the flare near that pawn.

The shuttle will try to land in landing beacon zones if royalty is present and landing zones are set up. otherwise it’ll try land near trade beacons just as orbital trader drop pods.

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