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BetterInfoCard Mod

Author of the BetterInfoCard Mod: Creeper

The BetterInfoCard Mod expands the information card interface of the vanilla game, and make some QOL changes.

BetterInfoCard Mod features

  • Opening the info card won’t pause the game
  • Resizable and collapsible Info cards
  • Multiple info cards Supported
  • Mark Stat as favorite
  • Comparing Stats by double click
  • Info card hotkey
  • Comparing multiple things by one click
  • Focus on search field on popup
  • More pawn stats(body parts and attack tool)

Compatibility notes

Known issues: some stat values are not “Greater Is Better”(i.e Aiming Time, but it’s impossible to preset them due to code structure. You may need to set it manually.
Performance: Having too many info cards open at the same time can create performance issues, but you can minimize them.
  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

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