Better MiniMap Mod

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Author of the Better MiniMap Mod: The Salad Spinner of Woe!!

The Better MiniMap Mod adds a new minimap window that is visible during gameplay.

Better MiniMap Mod features

  • Overlays for the following: Areas, Buildings, Colonists, Mining, Noncolonists, Power Grid, Ships, Terrain, and Wildlife.
  • Forced overlays exist for viewpoint and fog.
  • F8 to show/hide the minimap.
  • F9 to show/hide the minimap controls.
  • Mouse wheel over minimap for zoom.
  • Minimap will hide when in world tab.
  • Minimap will hide when in Fluffy’s Relationship Tab.
  • Minimap will hide when in ResearchPal.

The Better MiniMap Mod is available in English, Chinese Simplified (by Nizhuan-jjr), Japanese (by Proxyer), Korean (by Totobrother), German (by Nostra), Portuguese Brazilian (partial), Russian (by Garr Incorporated).

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This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.


Version: 1.4

This mod is not updated to RimWorld V1.4

Older versions Beta 18 Beta 19 1.0

Better MiniMap Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • User Interface


A minimap such as the one added by the Better MiniMap Mod can be useful make you aware of the surroundings of your colony. It’s particularly recommendable if you’re playing on a small monitor, but remember to use the toggle view option or it will take too much space on your screen.

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