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Better Gene Inheritance Mod

Author of the Better Gene Inheritance Mod: RedMattis

Much improved gene inheritance for Biotech. I made this mod because I wasn’t quite satisfied with the various gene inheritance mods already on the workshop. With this mod you will get less babies skipping most of their parents genes and overall more logical inheritance.

Better Gene Inheritance Mod features

Unlike vanilla, this mod will not give you a bunch of babies with 20% of their parents genes and a metabolism of 225%. It will build up a list of semi-random genes to inherit, this list will also always include every shared by both parents. If the metabolism ends up too high it will remove genes with a metabolism cost; preferring those not shared by both parents.


  • The mod contains options for metabolism settings.
  • Archite inheritance; either letting you inherit all of them, or only inherit archite genes if said gene is shared by both parents.
  • The mod lets you inherit either only endogenes, or both endogenes and xenogenes.

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