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Bananas! Mod

Authors of the Bananas! Mod: Ragnarok9x, Chrscool8

The Bananas! Mod adds several items, starring a new, growable crop: the Banana Tree! (side effects include bananas).

Bananas! Mod features

  • Banana Tree (Plantable in Growing Zone)
  • Bananas (Harvested from Banana Trees)
  • Bananades (Banana Grenades, created at the machining table)
  • Banana Meals! (Made at a stove out of bananas.)
  • Banana Peels! (New! A byproduct of creating items with bananas!)
  • Banana Peel Traps! (New! Found under the security tab, and made with 1 banana peel)


You’ve heard somewhere that you could make these bananas into something a bit more… lethal. Combining 500 bananas and 1 frag grenade weapon at a machining table creates the Bananade!

Banana meals

Since it would obviously it would be heresy to make a banana meal without bananas, you can’t. Raw bananas are edible.

Compatibility notes

If you’d like to use both the Bananas! Mod and Vegetable Garden by dismarzero, check out the compatibility patch (direct download) that Chrscool8 made!

The Bananas! Mod is available in English and Japanese (by Proxyer).


Version 1.4
Bananas! Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

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