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Avatar Mod

Author of the Avatar Mod: Bolphen

Show a pixel-art style avatar for pawns.

Avatar Mod features

Currently covers most vanilla and DLC contents:

  • hair styles
  • tattoos
  • cosmetic genes
  • life stages: newborn, child, adult, corpse
  • gear (clicking on the avatar toggles the visibility of the headgear worn)

Compatibilitiy notes

Supported mods

  • VRE Phytokin
  • VRE Saurid

I’ll gradually add support for other mods. Those I personally use will of course come first on the list, namely the Vanilla Expanded ones, but feel free to suggest your favorite ones as well.

This is a purely cosmetic mod, so it should be safe to add or remove at any time. DLC are not required.

Should have no compatibility issues, but if you use other portrait mods they might get drawn on top of each other.

Currently unsupported xenotypes will appear as baseliners. Unsupported hair style/gear simply won’t show.

Comparison with Portraits of the Rim:

  • First of all, the art styles are totally different. Pixel-art style requires slightly less work (thankfully), takes up a lot less disk space, but also has room for fewer details, unfortunately.
  • Portraits supports far more mods. And I don’t think that will change soon (or ever). Sorry! (And bravo to TwoPennyDoodle for creating 6000 assets!)
  • Portraits uses traits to choose facial features. This mod instead uses only the pawn’s birth date. So the looks will stay the same even if the traits / background stories / etc. got changed via some mods or in dev mode. This also means that you cannot customize the looks, since the mod doesn’t write anything to the savefile. I personally consider this to be a simple yet sufficient solution, but feel free to make suggestions.

Github: https://github.com/bolphen/rimworld-avatar

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Credits: I studied the source code of Colonist Portraits and Portraits of the Rim when starting the mod so credits to their authors.

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