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ATH’s Style Female Dresses Mod

Author of the ATH’s Style Female Dresses Mod: Anthitei

There are practically no dresses in the base game, which I consider a big loss. However, adding additional clothes that would only serve an aesthetic purpose [even if they gave +2.0 social impact] is not really my style.

Instead, I present to you a style, which retextures of most of the female bodytype clothes already in the game and those from Vanilla Apparels Expanded, turning them into dresses.

ATH’s Style Female Dresses Mod features

The mod currently consists of retextures:

  • Button-down shirt
  • T-shirt
  • Eltex shirt
  • Formal shirt
  • Corset
  • Eltex vest
  • Formal vest
  • Duster
  • Flak jacket
  • Jacket
  • Parka
  • Plate armor
  • Robe
  • Slave body strap
  • Cape
  • Eltex robe
  • Prestige robe
  • Spikecore style apparels

Vanilla Apparel Expanded:

  • Apron
  • Blouse
  • Casual t-shirt
  • Overalls
  • Sherif shirt
  • Shirt and tie
  • Shirt fleece
  • Tribal kilt
  • Tunic

Is it safe to add mid save?
I haven’t encountered any troubles adding it mid save.

What is it? What is the difference between this one and ATH’s Retexture Female Apparel?
This is a style, not retexture as earlier.

What does it actually do?
It converts female body type clothes to be dresses when style is chosen for ideo. Then all clothes crafted by pawn from your ideo will have trait “if worn by female body type that is dress”.

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Version 1.5

Older versions:

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