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Astartes Vehicles Mod

Author of the Astartes Vehicles Mod: Grim Cheese

Radix malorum est cupiditas.

We are excited to present you with a new mod that brings five distinct Space Marine vehicles from the WARHAMMER 40.000 universe to Rimworld. The mod is built on Smash Phil’s Vehicle framework.

Each vehicle has unique weapons and special mechanics adding a little more strategic depth to your gameplay.

In terms of art, our goal was to combine the iconic style of Warhammer 40K with the original Rimworld aesthetic to achieve a seamless blend of these two universes. We hope you’ll enjoy the result!

Astartes Vehicles Mod features

Compatibility notes

Lasweapons mechanics vary when the Vanilla Weapons Expanded – Laser mod is active.

The vanilla version uses projectiles that explode on impact, giving a larger area of damage.

The VWEL version uses coherent beams, which are more precise, do more damage, and overall more lore accurate, but do not explode on impact.

This mod is NOT compatible with Combat Extended at its current state. (And we don’t intend to patch it on our side. Feel free to do so if you want to 😉

Additional credits:
Mewn Goddess – Art, preview image and infographics.
Amortem – 40K lore consulting, descriptions.
Phonicmas – Harmony patches, being an absolute biscuit.
Grim Cheese – Mod design, sound design, descriptions, infographics, XML, C# cargo cult programming.

The mod is powered by:

  • Vehicle Framework by SmashPhill
  • Vanilla Expanded Framework by Oscar Potocki

Screenshots include content from the following mods:

  • Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Props and Decor by Oscar Potocki and Sarg Bjornson, from Vanilla Expanded series.
  • Grimworld 40,000 – Angels of Death by Clashgore, Alite, Maxim, HappyPurging, Odzmang, Abomination, Tittymcswaggy, BlackMarket420,Con and Skalfred, from Grimworld series.

If you have any suggestions for the mod or found a bug, feel free to contact me in my Discord @grimcheese1337

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