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Animal Foods Extended Mod

Author of the Animal Foods Extended Mod: TheVillain

Your Colonists get some food options, some progression and minor buffs after putting in the effort towards better foods. But your animals just get kibble. Weird huh?

The Animal Foods Extended Mod adds 3 new foods specifically for your animal, be they pets, farming or fighting.
Each is designed for one of the core animal groups in the game, no particular one is ‘better’ than the rest, and are logical progressions from Kibble, Hay and Raw Meat.

Animal Foods Extended Mod features

Below are some info cards on each new food added, showing the nutrition In vs nutrition Out, its basic recipe requirements and its general intention. Kibble is shown on the bottom left for reference.

How does Pet Food Make my pets Nuzzle more?

So Rimworld has a ‘Nuzzle interval’ for pets that are ‘cute’. This isn’t a strict ‘every X hours’ but a rough average of how often a ‘cute’ pet will Nuzzle. For a cat, this ‘nuzzle interval’ of 12 hours means you’ll generally see a nuzzle in that cats log every 12 hours or so. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

PetFood creates a health stat called ‘well fed’ with the idea that a well fed pet, is generally in a better mood. This leads to a reduction in the cool-down, even though the animal stats wont reflect in on inspection.

For testing I locked a bunch of pawns in a room with some cats, and compared it with just kibble. You can see the massive spike in nuzzling in the gif above.

And who do we thank for this great gift of… pet food:

Art: Argón (who does some great mods)
C# & XML: Sl4vP0weR
XML: TheVillain

Many thanks to the above who accepted my commission, and worked patiently with me on creating this mod.


Compatability should be fine, doesn’t modify anything existing, and testing didn’t show any modded animals interacting weirdly.
Bugs, spelling mistakes etc can be registerd as Issues on Github.

And thats it! Crack on, have fun, etc etc.

And remember: a well fed animal – is a happy animal.

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