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Animal Equipment Mod

Author of the Animal Equipment Mod: Owlchemist

This is a fork and continuation of the mod Animal Armor: Vanilla, and uses Animal Gear framework to allow you to research, craft, and outfit animals with warm clothes and protective battle armor.


Q. How do I get animals to equip things?
A. Technically, it uses the same system that pawns use to pick out and equip their own gear, which is as follows:

  1. Craft the item, and check the item’s info card to see if the animal is listed as being supported.
  2. Store the equipment in a storage zone.
  3. Ensure the animal is allowed to reach the storage zone.
  4. Configure the animal’s outfit the same way you would a pawn.
  5. The animal will go equip their armor within the next few hours.

Q. What is universal/placeholder armor?
A. This is equipment that can be worn by any animal, but lacks any custom art, so it’s invisible. You can disable this feature in mod options, under the Vanilla Expanded Framework section.

Q. Does this mod support ?
A. All animals for all mods can at least wear the invisible placeholder armor. The following mods have a few animals with custom-made graphics:

  • Dinosauria
  • Spidercamp’s Dog Pack
  • Vanilla Animals Extended – Desert (just the lions)
  • Vanilla Factions Extended – Vikings (just the Fenrir)
  • Alpha Animals

Q. Why is this mod such a big download? Is it bloated?
A. Its true size is more like 9 MB. The reason it’s so big is because the textures have been pre-converted to .DDS files to reduce this mod’s impact on your game start time. You’ll want to have Graphic Settings+ to take advantage of this.

Support the artists

Below are a list of artists whom have directly donated artwork to this mod. If you want to show your support, send it their way, not me.
*This list accounts for all the post-fork additions. The older history I do not have a record of.

  • austrinus: Horse armor and riding gear.
  • Ecu: Horse clothes (Ecu#8363 on discord)


  • Dylan for making this possible with his Animal Gear framework
  • Oh God Spiders No and associates for the original armor mod
  • Those who commissioned and contributed art: Jerry, Draco Sicarius, Kaz the Mercenary, fromafar2013
  • The commissioned artists: SirLalaPyon, Kasmex Forever, Musuko, Onyxheart, Kasmex Forever



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Version 1.5
Animal Equipment Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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