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Amplified Mobility Platform Mod

Author of the Amplified Mobility Platform Mod: AOBA

The Amplified Mobility Platform Mod adds a manned exoskelton mech, the Amplified Mobility Platform and its gears from the movie Avatar.

Amplified Mobility Platform Mod features

The Mitsubishi MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform (aka “AMP” suit) is a distant descendant of the first military exoskeletons used on Earth in the mid-21st century__Avatar Wiki


Q:how to fix damaged AMP?
A:get your pilot off the mech then fix it like building.

Q:what is the difference between regular and the Armed one
A:the armed one have a built-in GAU-90 also with better armor hitpoint, but it can’t equip human weapon like regular one

Q:my pawn is sleeping on bed while on an AMP?
A:well sadly this will happen, also resting in an AMP isn’t comfortable.

Q:is this vehicle framework mech?
A:no,this one uses the framework made by andery233xj,same as the walker gear mod.

Q:how to get an AMP?
A:research,and it should be unlock at Security building tab.

Q:will raid enemy use them?
A:no , but leave the comment below and i will add them if people want to.

Q:health reset after leave mech?
A:the orange one is armor bar,will automatically refill after you leave mech, and the red one is the actual health, which need repair.

Q:at final i would like to ask..

Q: is it compatibl…

Q:Yayo combat ?
A:Y..uhhhh…i don’t know.

Q:and CE !?

Q:what those concrete wall and tank bunker comes from?
A: Fortifications – Citadel 

Compatibility notes

Known issue: weapon will bug with Show me your hand Mod.

Special thanks

Vali: for steampage and the old preview art
darkvolcano: for chinese localization
andery233xj: for mech suit framework

If you have any issue using the mod please report at:

AOBA: (modding)

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Version 1.5
Amplified Mobility Platform Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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