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Amazons Challenge

Author of the Amazons Challenge: ireth92RimWorld Base

The amazons are a tribe of women warriors, daughters of the god Ares and the nymph Harmonia. They are brutal and aggressive, and their main concern in life is war. They have settled their tribe in this planet and intend to eliminate any man who threatens their way of life.

Conditions of the challenge

  • Only women are allowed to live in the colony.
  • Every man must be killed or banished. Male visitors are allowed but not welcomed.
  • No food or medical resources should be spent on men.
  • If an amazon engages in a romantic relationship with a man, she will be banished too.
  • [Optional] Amazons don’t like fire weapons. They prefer bows, spears, swords, knifes and pilas.
  • [Optional] Amazons prefer living in leafy forests.

Here’s a list of names you can use if you’d like to name your amazons: Aegea, Ainia, Anaea, Andromache, Antinaeira, Cyme, Cynna, Ephesos, Eurypyle, Gryne, Helene, Latoreia, Lysippe, Marpesia, Molpadia, Myrleia, Myrto, Orithyia, Otrera, Pantariste, Pirene, Sanape, Sinope, Sisyrbe, Smyrna and Themiscrya.

Get the Amazons Scenario

We have created a simple scenario to help you set up the conditions for this challenge. Feel free to download it from the Steam Workshop.


Version 1.4
Amazons Challenge is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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