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Alpha Mechs Mod

Author of the Alpha Mechs Mod: Sarg Bjornson

Alpha Mechs Mod Features

  • 7 new mechanoids: The Aura, Daggersnout, Goliath, Phalanx, Siegebreaker, Fireworm and Demolisher make their return. The 7 mechs will appear in raids, clusters, etc, and they can be disabled separately through mod options.
  • With Biotech: If the player has Biotech, a HUGE amount of content will be unlocked.
  • 26 new mechanoids, including 11 utility mechs, 12 combat mechs and 3 challenging (but not absurdly so) “boss” mechs.
  • 3 new mechanoid chips.
  • 2 new armors, 2 new helmets, 3 new utility packs and a warcasket.
  • 11 new buildings.
  • 8 new research projects to unlock all the content.
  • With Vanilla Factions Expanded – Mechanoid, plus Biotech: another huge chunk of content is added: 7 new mechanoids in two types. First of all, the “clean” versions of the Aura, Daggersnout, Goliath, Phalanx, Siegebreaker, Fireworm and Demolisher that appear in VFE – Mechs groups. Secondly, their advanced versions, which appear when mechs do a hardware upgrade. The player can also research a hardware upgrade to build these advanced mechanoids, as well as the Slurrymaster.
  • New mechs are added with: Vanilla Races Expanded – Sanguophage, Vanilla Genetics Expanded, Vanilla Fishing Expanded, Vanilla Books Expanded, Alpha Bees, and Rimatomics.

All this is detailed in this Google Doc.



Q: Can I add it mid-playthrough to an existing save? Can I remove the mod?
A: You can add it whenever. You can’t remove mods from a save and expect it not no be messed up.

Q: I don’t like certain things, can I remove them?
A: Use Owlchemist’s Cherry Picker mod!

Q: Does this need Biotech DLC, Alpha Animals / Biomes / etc
A: No

Q: Is it compatible with another mod that adds mechs?
A: It should

Q: Does this work with Combat Extended?
A: It will need to be patched by them

Q: Reeee this is bloat! I like my things that add things to add less things to the thing!!!
A: Aww, look, it has learned how to type on a keyboard! How quaint!

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