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Alliance Assault Mod

Author of the Alliance Assault Mod: ThumbStick

This mod allows you to raid hostile settlement without using your won colonists.

Alliance Assault Mod features

Alliance Assault

  • Adds a button on each hostile settlement, it costs 50 goodwill and your ally will raid the settlement with specific points(can be adjusted in the settings).
  • Choose raid strategy for your ally
  • Choose arrival mode for your ally
  • Caravans,vehicles, drop pods, carryalls can still enter during assault.
  • Manually close the map if you want to cancel this attack.
  • You can call your allies to raid a settlement even with its map open.
  • The map of a destroyed settlement can only be manually closed if you opened it with alliance assault.
  • Your allly captures target settlement (if it can have faction,for example, cities can be capured, but mechships cannot) after defeating it.

Mechanoid Assault

  • Craft one mechnoid raid summoner from your machining table or fabrication bench.
  • Drop it on a hostile settlement whose map is not open.
  • After this, a random mech raid will deal with your enemies, but you’ll have to prepare for mechanoid retaliation, which has twice the points when they raided your enemies.

Manhunter Assault

  • Similar to mech assault, you need to drop a psychic animal pulser.

Compatibility notes


RimCities: Force assault point to 10000, summons 3 raids in 6 hours, low-tech factions won’t attack cities. Besides, only normal cities are patched, it’s not very reasonable for your allies to attack abandoned cities, capital cities or criminal cities.

Vanilla Faction Expanded-Mechanoid: Allows you to assault mechanoid ships.

Vanilla Faction Expanded-Insectoid: Adds insectoid raid summoner, similar to the mech raid one, it also has a drawback: if the insectoid wins, there will be a -20 goodwill punishment for each faction.

Factional War: Allows you to observe factional war sites, removes factional war event.

Ok with all patched mods. Recommended with VFE: Pirates and Vanilla Faction Generation Expanded

Inspired by SOS2 and Factional War.

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