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AF · Dumpling Mod

Author of the AF · Dumpling Mod: AmliFurx

This mod is part of 「Amli’s Story」. It will bring you the following main content for your trip to the rimworld.

AF · Dumpling Mod features

「Raw Dumpling」(The round wooden tray.)
Made from rice and other raw foods, the dumplings are cooked on dumpling stoves. They are more durable and easier to store than normal foods, but still require further processing to be safe for consumption.

「Dumpling Meal」(The bottom wooden square tray.)
Boiled dumplings. Although the cooking process is very simple, the dumplings themselves contain a lot of fillings, so the taste is still very good, even beyond the 「fine meal」.

「Dumpling Cate」(Too many kinds to display OwO)
Through a random cooking method, using raw dumplings and some raw food made of dumplings meals. Its rich taste can be compared to 「lavish meal」!

「Dumpling Stove」
There are two types, a medieval stove that uses fuel and a metal stove that uses electricity.

Special content:

「A variety of styles」
In this mod, the models of dumpling are full of randomization elements. For example, the shape of raw dumplings is not only one, but by a pile of delicate or minimalist shape composition.
(They were designed with reference to the real-life dumplings in different shapes.)

「Many in one」
In reality, the cooking methods of dumplings are very rich. But in order to facilitate the management of players, the game’s dumpling cates are classified as a kind of cooking recipe. But each time the dumplings cooked out of the appearance will reflect them in the reality of those colorful cooking methods.
(Dumpling cates integrated: fried dumplings, baked dumplings, boiled dumplings, steamed dumplings…)

Q & A Session:

Q: Is It compatible with old saves?
A: Yes. But as with other food mods, you’ll need to reset the food plan to make the new addition available for people to choose from.

Q: Do dumplings have Ideology(DLC)-related elements? Like MEME or cultural buildings.
A: Not yet.

Q: Does Amli like dumplings?
A: I like it. I usually choose to eat dumplings when I don’t know what to eat. UwU

Q: What else is special about dumplings?
A: The mod has a very long introduction to the fox, please be sure to read!

Compatibility list

Vanilla Cooking Expanded (Add 「gourmet dumpling」and you can use their seasonings to cook these delicacies; Using VCE-flour to make dumplings can reduce the workload)
Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Production (The dumpling stoves can be connected to the 「kitchen sink cabinet」 to increase working speed)
VGP Garden Gourmet (Using VGP-flour to make dumplings can reduce the workload)
Medieval Overhaul (Using MO-flour to make dumplings can reduce the workload)

Language support:


Special thanks:

「Praise the sun、吴鸟寿、今日、橘猫」
Help Test, provide advice.

Other Things to say:

Have Fun! Remember to give feedback if you find a Bug. ^-^

QwQ Due to unknown network reasons, I can not reply to this mod’s comments area!

I’m sorry! ! !

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