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Advanced Power Armor Mod

Author of the Advanced Power Armor Mod: She Wants Revenge

Enhance your RimWorld experience with the addition of the Advanced Power Armor, inspired by the iconic armor from Fallout 2. Delve into the depths of research to unlock the secrets of this formidable technology, which stands as a testament to the pinnacle of pre-war engineering.

Advanced Power Armor Mod Features

  • Standalone Armor: The Advanced Power Armor is a standalone addition to your game, offering a unique aesthetic and powerful capabilities.
  • Exclusive Research: Undertake the “Advanced Power Armor” research project to uncover the advanced technology required to craft this formidable armor. This research must be completed before delving into the creation of the armor itself.
  • Balanced Gameplay: The Advanced Power Armor strikes a balance between protection and mobility. It surpasses marine armor in terms of defensive capabilities while falling short of the formidable Cataphract armor, providing players with a compelling choice in outfitting their colonists.
  • Unleash the Power: Equip your colonists with the Advanced Power Armor and witness their enhanced combat prowess and resilience against the dangers of the RimWorld. Explore new strategies and confront challenges with confidence, knowing that your colonists are equipped with the best technology the wasteland has to offer.

TL;DR : It’s just a Power armor made by IcyCheeseCake, from Fallout 2, between Marine and Cataphract, Why choosing over vanilla armors?, Just for the looks, but still got it’s perks, like toxic fallout resistance, Aiming improvement and carrying capacity.

Credits for the texture: IcyCheeseCake, Check out the full retexture here. His art is amazing


Version 1.5
Advanced Power Armor Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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