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Advanced Biomes Mod

Author of the Advanced Biomes Mod: Hey my team rules!

Terraforming has always been more art than science. The cycle of terraformation frequently resulted in an unstable biosphere. Noxious woods, pools of magma, and unregulated weapons testing have scarred the universe. These planets are specially dangerous for colonists. Only the desperate or foolish try to make a living in them!

The Advanced Biomes Mod adds 5 new biomes to RimWorld, with custom weather, plants and animals.

Advanced Biomes Mod features

Poison Forest

A thick, poisonous forest. The stale air carries millions of fibrous spores. The terrain is soggy with scum and muck. Thorny thickets of poplars cover poison briar and plump fungi.

  • Poison Spores Weather. Beware: pawns will build up toxicity if they spend time outdoors. Have them stay inside as long as possible to minimize the level of toxicity.
  • New butterflies, mushrooms and blue deer.


A savanna is a grassland scattered with bushes and few trees, which is located between tropical rainforests and desert biomes. Not enough rain falls on the savanna to grow forests.

  • This land is perfect for hunting and ranged combat thanks to the tall grass, few trees and the presence of large animals.
  • New acacia and baobab trees.


A volcano is a rupture in the crust of a planet that expels hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface.

  • The multiple pools of lava present in these lands cause tons of heat and light up the night sky.
  • On occasions, volcanic eruptions block the sun for a few days.


A wetland is an area of land covered with patches of water, either permanently or seasonally.

  • Water makes it difficult to find places to build here.
  • New sword fern, ivy, cedar trees, and mangrove trees.


A highly radioactive desert. Nuclear contamination from weapons testing, war or meltdowns has permanently altered the landscape.

  • Pools of radioactive waste light up the night.
  • Hardly any trees, and nothing to eat but mutant animals.

Compatibility notes

The Advanced Biomes Mod should be compatible with all other mods.

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