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Actually Vanilla Music Expansion Mod

Author of the Actually Vanilla Music Expansion Mod: Billnotic

I’m sure you’re tired of looking for mods that add new tracks, only for them to hardly fit among the vanilla ones. Even if they are great songs of their own right, you just can’t play with that dissonance. I feel the same way, this is my attempt at rectifying that. I love Alistair’s style, he did a wonderful job with the OST and it’s a shame so many music mods diverge from his iconic sound so much.

Actually Vanilla Music Expansion Mod features


  1. Venerian Cycle – First song I made for the mod, and it fits the vanilla sound very well in my opinion. The whistles and heavy focus on acoustic guitar, combined with synth drones give the very Rimworld taste of space-western sound. The name is a reference to the vanilla track “Jovian Cycle,” but the song it most resembles is actually either “Gathering In” or “Ceta.”
  2. Solar Flare Flamenco – Probably the least vanilla song in the mod, but still fits. Castanets and jumpy strumming make this one my personal favorite.
  3. Stellar Clockwork – The most repetitive song. Even though most vanilla songs rely on slowly adding layers to a repeated theme then switching to a second variant, this one takes it to the extreme by having the second variant be nearly identical to the first. It also has a guitar riff similar to vanilla’s “Moon Harvest,” and plays with low-pass automation like in “Night and Day.”
  4. Post Simian – Uses marimba and piano in the intro, making it sound like it belongs in the Royalty DLC.
  5. A New Night – Uses some of the ideas in the Starscape songs, the name is a reference to the vanilla track “A New Day.”
  6. Inferno Shaman – A summer-specific track which borrows ideas from “Ice Shaman.” Its instrument choice makes it feel like a relaxing day in the sun instead of a slow decay in the cold.
  7. Ivy Shaman – A spring-specific track which borrows ideas from “Ice Shaman.” The uplifting feeling it gives suits the springtime relief of surviving the winter.
  8. Ibex Shaman – A fall-specific track which borrows ideas from “Ice Shaman.” Although space-western music inevitably gives that frontier feeling, the use of the fiddle as well as the similarities to American folk music makes this one even more distinct than the rest of the Shaman songs. The accordion at the end kind of changes that but it still suits the autumn feel of the track so whatever. If the name is confusing, the Ibex have their mating period in fall.
  9. Slings And Sniper Rifles – The first raid track I made, sounds like a mix between “Riding Out” and “Baselius.” Did a couple raids with this one playing and it’s great.
  10. Dust Clouds Rolling – Another raid song.

Compatibility notes

For some reason the mod Music Manager bugs out when you skim to different points of a track added by this mod. Dunno why that’s the case but keep that in mind if you’re using it (it isn’t required).

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Mods that add space-western music fit within Rimworld’s setting, but they always conflict with the vanilla and DLC tracks. The Space-Western Music Pack and P-Music are good examples of this, I play with them enabled but if I’m going for a strictly Vanilla+ experience I just can’t use them. Aside from Ideology’s single ending track (and I guess ritual music too), we haven’t had new music since Royalty for some reason. We’ve received no new songs for over 3 years, despite consistent updates and new DLC. I don’t know how many more updates and expansions this game will get (it did publicly release nearly 10 years ago after all), but if we don’t get more music I’ll try to make some of my own to go with them instead.

Thanks for reading this far. Go eat without a table. Have fun.


Version 1.5
Actually Vanilla Music Expansion Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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