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A Brave New Frontier Mod

Authors of the A Brave New Frontier Mod: KarbonPanzer, Krazy4Games

A Brave New Frontier has arrived at the Rim, bringing with it conflict, geopolitics, wealth inequality, and a subsistence from meals made of insects over regular animal meat. Wars are now fought for control of resources of various importance, expanding the military industrial complex, or selling off outdated military equipment to backwater conflicts to make some extra money. This equipment is the best that money can buy, back in the 40th Century when it was new and effective against interhuman conflicts, but it’s the 56th Century and now you fight the bugs and the bots, and this armor is essentially tissue paper.

The equipment being introduced in this Brave New Frontier fills the gap in the lore during the era of Interpersonal Conflicts of Humanity. This armor is good for fighting other humans while it serves as a poor defense against Mechanoids and Insectoids, because it was made for Human Wars. Though the apparel serves as a solution to the various environments that can be seen in the Rim. From the harsh heat of the Spiceworlds to the bitter cold of the Glassworlds, apparel for any season and any place that are deemed worthy for heavy losses by your bosses against the other Planet-States, Mega-Corporations, or Religiosophian Movements that claim the resources of the Rim, whether that be Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral.

This mod is my attempt to make an original mod for a part of Rimworld that I find lacking, which is the lategame Industrial equipment, something better than a flak vest but not as good as power armor.

A Brave New Frontier Mod features

Thanks to the Rimworld Mod Market, join the Discord and see not only the means of making your mods into reality but a great place to learn more about making artwork, coding in Rimworld, and just seeing a community grow around a game where morality is optional.

Thanks to Krazy4Games, who I commissioned for the new art included in this mod ironically because I used his Rimworld War Mod for the template of this mod. Please look at his other works. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198855553476/myworkshopfiles/

Thanks to Shazbot, his mod Frontier Uniforms served as the start for me modding Rimworld as getting his mod to run in 1.4 drove me to learn C++. I also run a forked version of Frontier Uniforms until he comes back to Rimworld Modding or updates it to 1.4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2564748238

Need an Older Version of the Mod because I made a change? I keep the older versions of the mod on my Google Drive so people can keep playing mod and not have to worry about it.

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