RimWorld 1.4


World Map Beautification Project Mod

Beautify your game like never before with World Map Beautification Project Mod, a cosmetic upgrade for the world map that provides you with forests and hills. The additions to the world map should apply to old saves as well. World…

Stop, Drop, And Roll! [BAL] Mod

Sick and tired of having your carefully designed defenses for your pawns completely thrown into chaos by a single raider with a molotov cocktail? Groaning in frustration when one hit from an inferno cannon, a hit that does exactly zero…

Graze up Mod

What does the Graze up Mod do? (configurable) Animals no longer destroy the plants that they eat outright. The list of animals that does destroy plants can be adjusted, there are none by default. Grazing removes a portion of growth…

Fortifications Mod – Neolithic

It has always been a problem to make their settlements secured since human existence, so this is the reason why people in each era have used their own wisdom to build various of fortifications. Changelog : =====2/10 update===== Fixed English…

Polarisbloc Mod – Ghost Army

Maybe because of the dissatisfaction of their own limitations, some humans aligned themselves with the mechanoids chose to combine their two species. After dozens of horrid surgeries, this assembly became a total failure. Horrible monsters were created, capable of unique… 18
RimRoads Mod

RimRoads Mod

The RimRoads Mod adds the ability to build roads on the world map that you can use later on to travel faster around the map. Dirt roads require no resources to construct. However, other roads require resources for the blueprints. Check the…
1.11.4Beta 18
Furnace Mod

Furnace Mod

The Furnace Mod is a simple mod that adds a furnace building to heat up rooms to extreme temperatures. Burning up a room can be good for disposing of many bodies, clothes, pests and prisoners… You will have to be clever about… 18Beta 19

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