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1.0 1.3 1.4 Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

H.P. Lovecraft Storyteller

H.P. Lovecraft Storyteller adds a foreboding storyteller that adds omens to RimWorld stories. In this mod, Lovecraft will be added to your list of storytellers. In Lovecraft’s tales, protagonists often face their o...

1.0 1.3 1.4 Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod

The Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod adds a new storyteller named Rainbeau Flambe. Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod features Rain shares Randy’s love of the unpredictable, but tempers that love with a bit of Cassa...

1.0 1.1 1.3 1.4 Beta 18Mods

Rimsenal – Storyteller Pack

The Rimsenal – Storyteller Pack is a mod that adds three new storytellers to the game: the Accipiter Hysteric, the Sereniz Sadistic and the Hildegarde Epic. Check out the full version of the artwork on...

1.0 1.1 1.3 1.4 Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Polarisbloc Mod – Security Force

The Polarisbloc Mod – Security Force is a fraction of the Polarisbloc series that includes only the storyteller named Erica, the Security Force Faction and their weaponry. Polarisbloc Mod – Security Force features ...

1.0 1.1 Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Polarisbloc Mod – Storyteller & Incidents

Polarisbloc Mod – Storyteller & Incidents pack adds 3 new storytellers and 4 incidents. Polarisbloc Mod – Storyteller & Incidents features Storytellers 「Wild AI」Vanya: originally a CCAI from an advanced mechanoi...

Beta 18Mods

Osirasama Mod

The Osirasama Mod introduces a new storyteller: Osirasama. Osirasama Storyteller Hers is a difficult story. One that cherishes the taste of rice amidst famine and raging weather. These difficulties often have...

Alpha 17Mods

Mechanoid Tech Mod

The war between mechanoids and humans lasted for thousands of years, and nowadays small friction still exists in this rim world. Crashed ships frequently fell on the planet’s surface, and made great influence to peopl...