RimWorld Meals

Zipangu Pack Mod

【ZP】 Zipangu – Rice cultivating civilization Mod

The Zipangu – Rice cultivating civilization Mod adds a realistic rice production which requires a lot of work and time. In early games that might cause your colony’s growth to cease. Later on you can manage larger amounts of raw…
1.01.4Beta 18
Project RimFactory Mod

Project RimFactory Mod

The Project RimFactory Mod is a combination of three previous mods by the same author: Animal Stations, Cultivator Tools and S.A.L. The Project RimFactory Mod is a pretty extensive one. It adds new buildings that will help you gather resources from… 18Beta 19
Megafauna Mod

Megafauna Mod

Thanks to the wonders of today’s technology, the small group of scientists that was previously known for bringing the Megatherium– Uh, I mean, the Megasloth back to life, was able to make the Megafauna Project a reality! This time around, they… 18
Holiday Special Edition Mod

Holiday Special Edition Mod

The Holiday Special Edition Mod is a small Christmas themed addon for RIMkea and FashionRIMsta. The new apparel will appear on raiders and colonists alike, the fireplace should be placed inside walls like a vent, and the food must be cooked… 18
Smoked Meat Mod

Smoked Meat Mod

The Smoked Meat Mod allows meat to be preserved by drying and smoking it. Smoked Meat Mod features Smoked meat lasts 1 season. It’s categorized under MeatRaw, so that it can be used in all recipes that use meat, like meals…
Bananas Mod

Bananas! Mod

The Bananas! Mod adds several items, starring a new, growable crop: the Banana Tree! (side effects include bananas). Bananas! Mod features Banana Tree (Plantable in Growing Zone) Bananas (Harvested from Banana Trees) Bananades (Banana Grenades, created at the machining table) Banana Meals!…
Cupro's Drinks Mod

Cupro’s Drinks Mod

The Cupro’s Drinks Mod adds the ability to brew sodas, coffee and new types of alcohol. Cupro’s Drinks Mod features Drinks added by the Cupro’s Drinks Mod: [columnize] Basic drinks: Syrup: Required sweetener for sodas. Requires 10 corn, agave, or berries. Bulk…
A Mod About Meat Mod

A Mod About Meat Mod

Have you always dreamed of making things out of raw flesh? Well, with the A Mod About Meat Mod, now you can! A Mod About Meat Mod features Meat Cubes: Carefully carved meat at the butchery table, base material for…
Cook Cannibal Meal Mod

Cannibal and Insect Meals Mod

The Cannibal and Insect Meals Mod adds cannibal and insect versions of all base meals. Cannibal and Insect Meals Mod features Add these recipes/meals: Pemmican, Kibble, Simple Meal, Fine Meal, Lavish Meal, Packaged Survival Meal. Has added texture on the…
Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Mod

The Vegetable Garden Mod adds a substantial variety of new tiers of plants to research and grow. It also ads new meals and ways to cook them, some for health, some for joy. New medicines and drug production, as well…
No Water, No Life Mod

No Water, No Life Mod

The No Water, No Life Mod adds a need for water to pawns. The lack of sufficient water in a pawn’s diet will cause death in the same way as hunger. There are various means to get and transport water, such…
Survivalist Additions Mod

Survivalist’s Additions Mod

The Survivalist’s Additions Mod adds new features for primitive and tribal playthroughs. Survivalist’s Additions Mod features New items added Charcoal: Made in a charcoal pit. Used as fuel for the grill, smoker, and forge. Grilled Meals: Come in three varieties: Meat, Veg, and…

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