RimWorld Factions

Sparkling Worlds

Sparkling Worlds Mod

The main features of the Sparkling Worlds Mod is to increase the ability to craft advanced Glittertech items and introduce some new advanced weapons, items and buildings from Glitterworlds without breaking the game or deviating to much from the vanilla…
Faction Discovery Tool

Faction Discovery Mod

Orion’s Faction Discovery is a tool for RimWorld that solves incompatibilities when installing new mods that add factions to an existing save. It will make sure you have all the recommended amount of (hidden) bases for your new factions on the…
1.01.1Beta 18Beta 19
RimSlave Mod Preview

RimSlave: Daenerys’ Army – A Game of Thrones Mod

Have you watched Game of Thrones? Do you wish you were Daenerys Targaryen leading an army of slaves, maidens, unsullieds and dothrakis? With the RimSlave Mod now you can!  Brought to your by the infamous Walking Problem Studios that had…
1.0Beta 18
Samurai Mod

【ZP】Sengoku period – Samurai Mod

As a piece of the Zipangu pack of mods, the Samurai Mod brings two samurai factions to RimWorld (neutral and hostile). Samurai Mod features For 133 years, war was a constant flow in Japan, as clans rose and fell, each…
1.0Beta 18

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