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Beta 18Mods

Enlighten Mod

Why not build some lamps? With the Enlighten Mod you are encouraged to build them because darkness will make your pawns slower. Enlighten Mod features With the Enlighten Mod light does matter. You must walk c...

Beta 18Mods

Crash NOW! Mod

It’s kind of hard to think of yourself as the leader of a random gaggle of people landing on a random spot on some random rimworld when you can choose who you’re getting and where you’re landing! Even when you use the...

Beta 18Challenges Scenarios

Start With Nothing Challenge

You will start with no food, no resources, no clothes, no weapons. Didn't you read the title? You will start with nothing. Your ship was taken over by the AI on board. All humans were imprisoned and treated like...

Alpha 17 Beta 18Challenges Scenarios

Sea Ice Challenge

You wanted to prove you have what it takes to survive in a ruthless environment. And so you set course to an ice-covered planet. Your long journey inside a cryptosleep has come to an end: you just landed on sea ice, a...

Beta 18Mods

No Firewatcher Mod

The No Firewatcher Mod removes the default behavior named firewatcher which sends rain every time that fires get too out of control. It also includes performance changes to fire mechanics (makes the game run faster...

Alpha 17Mods

Mechanoid Tech Mod

The war between mechanoids and humans lasted for thousands of years, and nowadays small friction still exists in this rim world. Crashed ships frequently fell on the planet’s surface, and made great influence to peopl...

Alpha 17Scenarios

Fabulous 5 Scenario

The Fabulous 5 scenario takes on the story of five spoiled kids that grew up in a wealthy family and never worked in their life or did any hard labor. They enjoyed being a bunch of freeloaders until their parents had ...


50 Men Colony Challenge

You have been in this rim world for a while, you have a fully functional colony. All your pawns know their jobs, their priorities, they come and go every day, and things are running smoothly. They don’t even need you ...