RimWorld Animals

Nature's Pretty Sweet Mod

Nature’s Pretty Sweet Mod

The Nature’s Pretty Sweet Mod adds additional terrain elements, weather and biomes. It also updates the map in response to weather, giving a more wild, untamed and alive feeling to the world. Nature’s Pretty Sweet Mod features Weather changes Soil… 18Beta 19
Alpha Animals Mod (1)

Alpha Animals Mod

The Alpha Animals Mod adds multiple unique new animals to RimWorld Alpha Animals Mod features 45 new, vanilla-friendly creatures to the diverse biomes of your rim worlds. The philosophy of this mod is that every new creature tries to bring…
Rim of Madness - Arachnophobia

Call of Cthulhu – Arachnophobia

Call of Cthulhu – Arachnophobia Mod adds spiders to RimWorld. These spiders can be tamed. Call of Cthulhu – Arachnophobia Mod features Spiders & Giant Spiders Eight-legged critters able to weave webs out of incredibly useful silk. Giant genetically-engineered intelligent…
Spidercamp's Dog Pack Mod

Spidercamp’s Dog Pack Mod

The Spidercamp’s Dog Pack Mod includes all the dog releases by the same author. Additional breeds will be added to this pack as they are released. Spidercamp’s Dog Pack Mod features The following features vary depending on the breed: Advanced… 18Beta 19

SickBoyWi’s Super Mario Animals and Extras Mod

The Super Mario Animals and Extras Mod comes with a bunch of Super Mario inspired animals and more! Imagine that your base gets attacked by a group of manhunter koopa troopas! After killing them off, you gather up the corpses…

SickBoyWi’s Miraffe Mod

The SickBoyWi’s Miraffe adds miraffes to RimWorld, a very tall, long-necked animal. Miraffes prefer arid environments and foliage for feed. They don’t do well in extreme cold temperatures. SickBoyWi’s Miraffe Mod features A new wild animal intended to add some… 18
Shoo Mod

Shoo! Mod

Troubled by animals wandering into your buildings as you construct them? Need a way to discourage pests from eating up your fields? The Shoo! Mod adds a new designator that allows you to harmlessly shoo wild animals away from your… 18
Whaleys Dogs Mod

Whaleys Dogs Mod

The Whaleys Dogs Mod adds several new dog species to RimWorld. All dogs are considered pets so they can randomly be chosen to drop with pawns. The new dogs are also found in the wild, mostly forests. Whaleys Dogs Mod… 18
A Dog Said Mod

A Dog Said… Mod

The A Dog Said… Mod adds prostheses, bionics and surgeries for animals. Three new researches are added to the Research Tab: Simple Animal Prosthetics, Animal Bionics and Animal Healing. A Dog Said… mod features The following parts are added to…
Star Wars Animal Collection

Star Wars Animal Collection Mod

The Star Wars Animal Collection Mod adds new animals to RimWorld from the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Animal Collection Mod features It includes the following animals so far: Krayt Dragon Rancor Acklay Reek Nexu Bantha Dewback Tauntaun… 18
Android tiers Mod

Android tiers Mod

The Android tiers Mod aims to add several tiers of sentient android colonists, along with their respective upgrades and other bonus additions. Android tiers Mod features 2 New Android Factions 70 Android backstories 5 Tiers of android Mech and 5… 18Beta 19
Giddy-up! Core Mod

Giddy-up! Core Mod

The Giddy-up! Core Mod includes the core files for the Giddy-up! series. It does not add anything on its own but the other mods in the series depend on it. The purpose of this series is to add mounting in… 19
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