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SS Cultivator Tools Mod

Author of the SS Cultivator Tools Mod: Spdskatr

The SS Cultivator Tools Mod adds automatic crop cultivation and plant growth enhancement solutions to your garden! Let your colonists focus on more important tasks while the grunt work takes care of itself.

SS Cultivator Tools Mod features

The following items are added into the game:

  • Cultivator: the main item added by this mod. Every once in a while, the cultivator ticks to the next cell and manages the farm: if a plant is fully grown, it is harvested; if there is no plant, a new one is planted. The cultivator expands in an expanding pattern. It is unlocked with a new research: Automatic Farming.
  • Cultivator with sunlamp: just like the regular cultivator, but with an extra sunlamp functionality. It consumes much more power.
  • Sprinkler: it sprinkles water in an expanding radius, actively increasing plant growth by 1 hour.

Compatibility notes

Important: If you have the SeedsPlease Mod installed, the SS Cultivator Tools Mod will automatically start needing to take seeds when planting. Put the seeds in any cell adjacent to the cultivator.


Version 1.4
SS Cultivator Tools Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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